Elonka and Klaus are happy to speak in various venues. We have decades of experience and have dozens of prepared talks or can create new ones depending on your needs. We have spoken to all kinds of audiences, including universities, government agencies, gaming conventions, IT conferences, and junior high school students.

We can be booked separately or together. Of course, during the pandemic we prefer remote presentations, but if you wish to contact us about in-person presentations in future years, please let us know.

Elonka Dunin has given over a hundred presentations on a wide variety of topics to an equally wide variety of audiences, from teenagers to seasoned professionals, at locations from classrooms at West Point Military Academy, to local high schools, to major universities, to packed ballrooms at the 60,000-person Dragon Con fan convention, and many others: geocaching events, hacker cons, Mensa meetings, game developer meetings, ShmooCon, Def Con, government agencies such as the CIA and NSA, and more. Check Elonka’s website for a list of her past and upcoming presentations.

A few possible topics:

  • Famous Unsolved Codes: Kryptos
  • The encrypted Friedman Tombstone
  • The encrypted Art of Jim Sanborn
  • Geocaching: The worldwide crowd-sourced game
  • Wikipedia: Communicating with the hive mind
  • Famous and not-so-famous unsolved codes

She can be reached at elonka.codebreaking@gmail.com. For more topics and detailed talk descriptions, check here.

Klaus Schmeh has given hundreds of presentations at conferences in Europe and the USA, including the RSA Conference, the NSA Symposium on Cryptologic History, Novell Brainshare, the Charlotte Crypto Symposium, HistoCrypt, and 44CON. Check here for a list of Klaus’s past and upcoming talks.

A few possible topics:

  • The Voynich Manuscript
  • Ciphers and crime
  • Famous and not so famous unsolved codes
  • Breaking historical ciphers with modern means
  • The Enigma and other cipher machines
  • Cold War cryptography
  • Explaining Post-Quantum Crypto with Cartoons
  • Famous and not-so-famous unsolved codes
He can be reached at klaus.codebreaking@gmail.com
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